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June 28, 2013 — 2 Comments

Today’s the Week in Review, and I’ll tell you about something new that we’ll be doing, called the “Month in Review”. It’s a special email, and it might be coming to your inbox on Monday. 

Happy Friday! I’m Cory Renzella, and this is the DailyCast from I hope you’ve had a nice week and that you will have a nice weekend.

I’m sure you already know that the internet has a lot of great resources, or helpful materials, for learning English. But if you’ve tried searching for them, then you probably know that it’s not always easy to sort through all of the websites and podcasts to find the best ones.

At times, I feel this same frustration when I’m searching for Chinese resources; I’m studying Chinese right now, and I sometimes have trouble knowing which websites are really good and which ones might be a waste of time.

So, we’re going to be doing something new to help solve that problem. Every month, beginning next Monday, July 1st, I’ll be sending out an e-mail called the “Month in Review”.

I’ve looked at a lot of websites and articles for learning English, and I will give you the best ones that I’ve found. I believe that these recommendations, or things that I suggest, will be very useful to you, and they won’t waste your time.

For example, the recommendation that I’m most excited about is a website called

Have any of you ever heard of it? It’s basically a website that offers, or gives, free online classes. There’s an English teacher and a group of students from around the world, and they do a one-hour video chat. I’ve actually watched some of the classes, because they’re free and open to everybody, and I think that they’re a great way to improve your speaking and listening skills.

There are different levels of classes, from beginner to advanced, and multiple subjects, including games; idioms, which are commonly-used phrases; music; movies; vocabulary; and business English.

The best thing about the website, besides the fact that it’s free, is that it offers multiple classes each day. So, even if you have a busy schedule, you can probably find a class that fits your schedule.

In addition to, there are a couple of other websites and articles that I’ll tell you about in Monday’s email. Also, there will be a video message from me. So, instead of just hearing my voice, you’ll be able to see my face, too. Finally, there will be three small things that I’ll ask of you. But they’ll all be optional, meaning you can decide whether or not you want to do them.

In future months, I’d like to expand the email to include more and better resources, but for now, I think that this is a good start. So, if you would like to receive this email, then go to right now and type your email address in the box on the right side of our website. Or, you can send me an email at, which is “C-o-r-y at”, and I’ll add you to our mailing list.

I’m excited about this new Month in Review email. I think that it’s going to be the start of something good, and it will be another handy, or useful, way for you to improve your English.


That’s all for the Week in Review. Please remember to sign up for our new Month in Review email by going to our website. And, if you ever have any questions, you can send me an email, at, or you can leave a comment on our website.

This weekend: do you ever do your work in coffee shops? Do you think they’re good places to get stuff done? Well, there’s some new research that you might be interested in hearing about and a new website that you’ll definitely want to visit. I’ll tell you all about them this weekend. is “Your English Window to the World”, and wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a good day. Thanks for listening, and I’ll talk to you again this weekend. Bye-bye.


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  1. Thanks for the suggestions.

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